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Water stations are devices or machines that help store and save drinkable water. They also provide a proper outlet for users to fill their bottles or glasses through the presence of multiple taps. The flow of water through these taps is controlled which means that this is the best way to prevent wastage and misuse.

The Water Stores is committed to bring to you drinkable quality water and accessories that help you drink safe and stay fit. We are a specialized store that deals only in various types of packaged water, purifiers, filters, water stations, coolers and dispensers.

Buy water stations online

We bring to our online customers world-class quality and top-notch standard water stations from the world over. We have 6 different brands for you to choose from.

  1. Elkay offers a smart and intuitive machine that is eco-friendly. The touch screen interface helps you to choose your solutions that could range from still water to sugary nutritional beverages.
  2. Hydrachill encourages users to reuse and recycle rather than simply litter. A perfect solution for accessing pure water by everyone around.
  3. Meet PAT water stations are known for the use of superior technology that is based on the Internet of Things or IoT technology.
  4. Myflowater is a refill station that keeps users hydrated through and through.
  5. Primo is a respected name in the industry for providing germ-free and pure drinkable water to all users.
  6. Waecorp is equipped with a 5-stage purification machine and can be easily integrated with a coffee machine.

Why buy from our online store?

  1. The Water Stores offer superlative and reliable quality of water stations that match with international standards and acts as a safe reservoir.
  2. We guarantee you the best rates and the most competitive deal in the Indian market.
  3. With six top-class brands, our customers have a wide-ranging choice to pick a product that matches well with their expectations and preference.
  4. We are your end-to-end solution provider for all water-related products whether it is varying dimensions of drinkable bottles, or gadgets for filtering, cleaning and purifying the same or machines that process the liquid for providing cool, warm and normal water for drinking purpose.
  5. You can order as per your preference and requirement – we do not have any restrictions on the quantity or the litres or bottle size that you order.
  6. We always fulfil orders as per deadline committed. We ensure that we maintain requisite stock levels so that no order is delayed.
  7. We accept digital payment methods that are thoroughly protected and secured.

With The Water Stores, your search for the perfect water supplier and vendor comes to an end. We are always there to meet your specific hydration-related requirement and offer you solutions that will never leave you and your family and your colleagues thirsty and dehydrated. When you buy from us, you can be hundred percent sure of making the right choice!