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Even though the water reaching your home or office is clean and pure, you still need to use filters or purifiers to make sure that any kind of unwanted microbes or impurities are removed. This is to ensure that your thirst is quenched in a healthy manner. Whether you are located in a city or a rural area, water purifiers should mandatorily be a part of your living and working space because it is a guarantee that you are getting proper and healthy hydration.

Facts:  Only 1% of the water present on our planet is of the drinkable quality. The rest is all contaminated or contains chemicals that are harmful for human consumption. Since the water supply that comes into our homes and office can contain some impurities, it is advisable to always use a standardized water purifier that will clean the liquid thoroughly before you or your close ones consume it.

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  • Aqua Guard
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  • Kent Grand
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  • Pureit Marvella
  • TATA Swach

Water filters and purifiers mean the same thing – filtration is more emphasized on removal of sediments and purification is more to do with removal of dissolved contaminants. This is why top brands combine both the mechanism and equip their machines with systems that are able to optimally perform both the functions.

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