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A dispenser is a handy device in modern times with most households and commercial places, all across the world, using such devices to store, filter, and drink heated, cooled or normal water. The objective of using a dispenser is to get easy access to drinkable water.

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The standard device works using replaceable bottles. These bottles are usually filled with filtered water. If not, the dispenser is fitted with an in-built filter mechanism that cleans and purifies before the user is able to fill up using a valve.

At The Water Stores, India’s number one specialized water reseller digital platform, you can choose from top-notch models of dispensers, bottleless as well as with-bottle models.  You can buy models from reputed sellers like Voltas and Blue Star at our store. These machines are the perfect solution for your homes and offices because they perform multiple functions:

  • They provide seamless access to pure and clean water for drinking, to your office staff, employees, workers and guests in the office; and your family and guests in your residence.
  • Using a dispenser helps in storing water for regular use as well as puts an end to misuse of this rare natural compound. With a valve system, the flow is controlled, thereby preventing users from wasting the resource.
  • We feature products that not only filter, but also offer users access to cold, hot and normal water so that you do not have to use a refrigerator or heating system separately for being able to consume it at varying temperatures.

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While the typical dispensers work with a replaceable bottle, where the bottle needs to be replaced every time it is empty, the bottleless model is connected directly to the water supply line, in your office or home. Fitted with an in-built filter system, the machine is able to purify the tap water so that it is fit for drinking.

Bottleless models are ideal for places where the tap water or the supply that comes from the local municipality reservoir is worth drinking.

Since our online platform has been built and created to facilitate better quality drinking habits, we have made special efforts to resell water dispensers of both types so that our customers do not have to keep searching and browsing at different digital platforms to buy one.

It is our sincere endeavour to help our customers’ access flawless and consistent supply of freshwater so that they never have to face scarcity and look for non-dependable methods of addressing their thirst.

With this motive in mind, The Water Stores brings the opportunity to purchase all types of water-related products, bottles of different capacities, purifiers, filters and dispensers that help you drink healthy and stay fit.