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The WaterStores WW – Water Cooler

Choose and buy from our selected coolers – we have for you the finest quality products from India’s popular brands like Blue Star, Usha and Voltas.

  1. Blue Star Cooler is a big-sized product with a capacity of 80 litres. It is a fit choice for commercial establishments. Made with smart technology, the product is the outcome of concerted research and development by the R&D team at Blue Star. The company is a known name in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning and has now ventured into the domain of water coolers. This particular model has an in-built ultraviolet purification mechanism that offers your staff and guests non-stop flow of cold and normal water.
  2. Usha Cooler with a capacity of 40 litres, is a product fit for a medium-sized family as well as for a small-sized business unit. Usha is a well-respected brand for its qualitative household and industrial products. Made with materials that help them perform optimally, these coolers are a perfect mix of aesthetic looks and constant supply of pure unadulterated drinking water.
  3. Voltas cooler – Buy this product to meet your residential purpose as it is the right choice for your home. The equipment is a promise of great performance with inbuilt PUF insulation and environment friendly refrigerant, making it an obvious choice for all homes that want safe and clean drinking water.

At our online store, you can buy packed aqua bottles as well as gadgets like coolers, purifiers and storage units. The purpose of The Water Stores is to provide support to all customers in meeting their daily needs and requirements of accessing drinkable water.

We promise you the finest brands in this domain. We assure of the best prices and guarantee you a continuous supply of the Earth’s scarcest resource, at the moment.  We have the reputation of meeting committed timelines well with a strong on-the-ground delivery network. Be it any corner of India, you can buy water-related products from our online store and we promise you the best quality of product and superlative standards of delivery.