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Drinking water is a basic necessity of our lives. It is widely known that the human body can survive for days without food but not a day without water. In our country, water-borne diseases are still one of the highest occurring ailments that affect people of all demographics and regions. From our metros to rural areas, the availability of clean drinking water is still a big challenge for people, be it their residence or office.

For years now, people in India across all geographical terrains have been ordering packaged water from known brands because it is safe for consumption. But, the typical distribution system in our cities, towns and villages has issues that add tonnes to the existing issue of scarcity of drinkable water. From inevitable delays in the packed water reaching you on time to the lack of confidence in consumers about the purity of the water, there are issues that always act as a deterrent.

The Water Stores was created to address this issue so that we are able to bring to our customers seamless distribution of packed water from leading brands in the country.

Why us?

The Water Stores aims to offer you a reliable and trustworthy source of continuous supply of packaged water – an online store where you will always get your favorite and preferred brand of drinkable water at all available sizes and at the best rates. Reliable and authentic brands are what we always aim at bringing to you from our online store. We solely deal in water brands as we aim to become a specialized water supplier and solution provider.

We are completely focused on providing you with the best quality of drinking water; which is why we are named The Water Stores. It is safe and of assured quality from the most in-demand brands like Aava, AquaSure, Aquafina, Kinley, Bisleri, Kingfisher, Oxyrich, Pure Life and Water Plus. With the availability of all brands under one-single roof, it is a convenience for you because you pick from a broad range of packaged water.

Choose from our different sized packaging at the best deals. Our smallest pack size is the 250ml bottle and the biggest size available is the 2l can. The best reasons to choose us as your vendor are:

  • Assured availability. You will never face a ‘out of stock’ situation on our online store;
  • Assured delivery as per your mentioned schedule. We never over-commit and neither do we lack in the commitments made to our customers.
  • Assured best prices. We believe in passing attractive deals on packaged drinking water to our customers so that this basic necessity of life is never out of bounds for anyone.
  • Best brands and the widest available choices of packaged water. This is to make it easy for you to decide and choose.
  • Assured flexibility. Our clients have the choice to select brands and order quantities as per their need and requirement. There are no compulsions on your order, from our end.

Water is essential and it is precious too. Order packed water from The Water Stores for quenching your thirst optimally.