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Medicinal water, as the name implies is a type that is composed of chemical constituents that have curative effect on the human body, whether used externally or internally. The liquid comes from the depths of the Earth and is officially certified by a concerned authority declaring it fit for use and consumption.

Medicinal water is extracted from different sources and each of this type is able to heal different types of diseases and illness. For example, thermal water as we all know is great for a simple bath. It is known to heal different kinds of skin diseases. This curative liquid is composed of different minerals that are natural minerals, found underground, deep below the Earth’s crust. Most of this kind of water that flows up to the surface of the Earth’s surface on its own, can directly impact your skin and physical health either by bathing, drinking or inhaling the same. Of course, at any given point in time, it is also advisable that you speak to a doctor before consuming it.

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At The Water Stores, we offer you an exclusive range of chosen medicinal aqua from world’s leading brands that has been collected and gathered from different parts of the globe. At best rates, we aim to get to you the healing liquids that have been certified by authorities for use and that have a proven track record of enhanced results.

The Water Stores is one-of-its-kind online store that stocks different types of hydration products. Here, you can find healing water that contains different essential minerals and is popular for their usefulness in healing various diseases. Browse through our store to find a type that you are looking for.  We have for you:

  1. Medicinal water that is rich in sulphur. Orally consuming this liquid helps find relief from gastritis. Women can look forward to finding relief from gynaecological issues and also skin-related illness. Instead of drinking, one can also inhale this curative water.
  2. Medicinal water containing radon. This water is increasingly helpful for the circulatory system of the body and helps normalize blood vessels that help with blood pressure issues. This water has proven results for patients suffering from diabetes and arthritis.
  3. Medicinal water that has dissolved carbonated acidulous salts. Drinking it increases the production of gastric acid in the gut system. Having a bath in such liquid can have a positive effect on the skin and the blood system of the body.
  4. Medicinal water that is filled with healthy minerals like sodium and potassium.  This alkaline water is blessed with antibilious properties – thereby reducing the amount of acid being produced in the stomach of the patient.
  5. Medicinal water that contains lime and soil. It is filled with essential calcium that not only has anti-inflammatory effects but also helps in the treatment of issues like osteoporosis.
  6. Medicinal water rich in salts encourages the stomach to produce more acid in the stomach and is very effective in treating gynaecological issues.

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