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Mineral packaged drinking water as is evident from the name is a nutritious cousin of the standard packaged water. It is filled with minerals so that when you drink the water, it not only quenches your thirst; it also fills you with the nutrition of various minerals, derived either naturally or from man-made sources. Wondering where to get pure and authentic mineral water in India?

Welcome to The Water Stores. We are India’s specialized water reseller platform. We have evolved because we know how essential water is for our existence. Just like we need oxygen for our survival and growth, similarly this chemical compound that is made from 2 atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen along with dissolved minerals infuse our bodies with the healthiest of nutrients.

Why us?

Since water is available with almost all grocers, retail outlets in the physical and the online world, why should you choose The Water Stores as your preferred platform for ordering online packed mineral water? We will not claim to be the best online store for water because we are. We do not deal in a range of products – our only product is water and of course, all forms of pure water that is healthy for drinking.

Best brands of drinking water are here

Some of the globe’s leading brands like 1907, 22 Artesian Water, Aava, American Summits, AquaSure, Aquafina, Are Spring Water, Bisleri Vedica, Voss, Viva Roca, Veen Still and many such preferred brands have been presented here, on our online store taking into account personal favourites of our customers. You name the brand, and we assure you that you will find it at our online store.

Best rates

Since we deal exclusively in packed mineral drinking water, we make sure that you get the best prices here so that you never run out of choices because of high rates. We know that the price plays a significant role in choosing your favourite brand of drinking water.

Premium services

At our online store, your order is processed flawlessly and fast. We provide completely reliable and thoroughly protected payment options, backed by an equal fervour and speed of delivery of mineral water to your given address.

Water cans of all sizes are available here

Starting from the smallest dimension of can that is about 250ml to the biggest available cans of 5litres, our aim is to offer you the widest range of choice so that every customer gets their preferred size to pick from.


Easy and smooth order processing, amply supported by the availability of almost all top-notch mineral water brands, our name is synonymous with quality, reliability and fast services. We offer abundant alternatives and options of packed water at our online store so that none of our customers go away disappointed or unsatisfied with the choices.


Water is in abundance on this Earth but only a miniscule percentage of this quantity is meant for drinking. Make sure that you stay safe by consuming only genuine and approved quality of mineral water by choosing to buy from The Water Stores.